Cancellations, Refunds and Replacement Cards — Copy

It is your responsibility to make sure you are taking the correct course and that your certification card will be accepted by your school or place of employment. If you enroll in the blended course offered thru Fragile Heart CPR, you will receive an AHA BLS card identical to the one issued for in-person classes. The cards are no different and do not have ‘ONLINE COURSE’ on them. They are accepted everywhere AHA BLS certification cards are required. 

 The blended online and remote classes offered thru Fragile Heart CPR are available during this world-wide pandemic of COVID-19. Despite using social distancing and masks and gloves and sanitizer, and despite the government moving an area from red to green, we still do not feel safe to hold in-person CPR classes when faced with a virus for which there is no known cure or vaccine. Therefore we have made these classes available using the requirements of the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION for Basic Life Support Certification and Renewal. 

When and if there is a vaccine or cure made available to the public, Fragile Heart CPR will resume in-person classes.  If you took an online and remote class, you are free to attend an in-person class within your original 2 yr certification period at a location nearest to you, for the experience of the actual hands on class. Attendance is based on seating availability. 


For online and remote blended courses, there is no actual in-person class attendance. However, the class date you register for is used to determine cancellations and refunds.

Fragile Heart CPR requires notice 48 hrs. prior to the class date you registered to attend for cancellations and refunds.

When enrolled in an online and remote course, You have 6 days to complete the online portion. If your course expires after 6 days there is a $25 fee to be re-enrolled. Your remote session is scheduled between you and your instructor. There is no time limit on the remote session. 


Refunds are given on a sliding scale. If you request a refund in at least 48 hrs of the date of the class you registered for, you will receive 90% refund with 10% held for administration fees.

24 hrs before class you receive 40% refund with 10% held for administration fees.

There is no refund for less than 24 hr notice. 

If you purchase an online course, once you login to the system and complete any of the portions, there is no refund. 

There is no refund given because your school of job won’t accept your certification card, unless particular arrangements have been made by the company administrator. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR THE EQUIPMENT RENTAL PROGRAM


Replacement cards are available thru the American Heart Association website free of charge. The website address is: Heart.orgcprmycards

When issued a certification card thru Fragile Heart CPR you are instructed NOT TO CLAIM THE CARD until you check it for accuracy. If there are errors, they can be corrected free of charge by contacting us at 412-401-3252. YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO EDIT OR CORRECT ERRORS YOURSELF.

Once you claim the card you have accepted it as being accurate. If there are errors, and you have claimed the card, there is a $10 card replacement fee. A new card will be issued to you after payment of the fee. 

If you have any other concerns please contact us at 833-322-5534

CPR Scene

Because of Covid-19 we are offering a virtual "in-person" class.

This is not an on-line class but rather a Zoom Class with a live instructor.

Once complete you will receive a Hands-on Certification.