Q’s & A’s

This is a VIRTUAL BLENDED COURSE completed in two parts. Part one is the Online Portion. Part 2 is the Skills session with and Instructor thru Zoom . Your certification card comes from the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION. You will complete everything from home but receive the same certification card as for an In-person class. In order to complete your ZOOM session you will need access to the course equipment such as Manikin, etc. If you do not have access to the equipment you can select to participate in our equipment rental program. You will schedule your ZOOM skills session  when you receive your equipment. You will have 6 days to complete Part one ( The online portion). The equipment is a 10 day rental. There is FREE SHIPPING TO YOU BY PRIORITY MAIL, and you will pay the return shipping of $15.50 thru the POST OFFICE.  The course is originally $145 however we lower the cost to $125 to cover the return shipping and give you an additional discount.

How do I connect to the ZOOM meeting for the skills portion?

That’s easy! This website has a page called SKILLS SESSION INFO PAGE. On that page you can click on the button for the ZOOM MEETING for the instructor for your state at the times listed.

What if I am not available at any of the times listed for my instructor?

We want you to get your skills session done so you can get your certification card. Just call the office at 412-401-3252 option #1 and you will be able to select a different time with another instructor.

When and how will I get my AHA BLS certification card?

After completing parts one and two ( the online and skills portion), Your card will be issued the same day, if your skills are completed by 5:00 pm EST. If not, the card will be issued the following day. Cards are sent to your email. Cards are valid for 2 yrs.

There is a mistake on my card, or my name is misspelled?

DON’T CLAIM THE CARD IF ITS WRONG! Correcting the card is easy as long as you have not claimed it. Once you claim the card, it is considered to be correct and a replacement card has to be issued. Replacement cards are $10. Contact your instructor or call the office at 412-401-3252 and we can get it changed or a new card issued.

My AHA BLS card has expired, which course do I need to take?

If your card has expired you will need to take the provider course. If your card has not expired you can take the renewal course.


Return equipment to Fragile Heart CPR

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You have 6 days to complete the online portion. If your course expires there is a $25 reset fee.

Please contact your instructor and an invoice will be sent to you via email to pay the reset fee. 

I am certified in BLS thru another organization, not AHA. Can I still take the renewal course?

No. Because the AHA is the leader in the industry when it comes to the heart and their BLS course is different and more complete, you must be certified by the AHA to take the AHA renewal course. Otherwise you need to take the AHA PROVIDER course.

I live in a state that is not listed, can I still take the course?

YES! The AHA BLS course is valid all across the U.S.A. If you don’t see your state listed you can call the office at 412-401-3252 and the course can be made available to you.

Is this an online course card or a regular card for healthcare providers and professionals?

This is the regular certification card you receive for an in-person class. . The AHA no longer offers BLS certification cards specifically for healthcare providers. They stopped that in 2016. BLS is a professional certification valid for all professionals.

Do I need to download an app to access the course or for the ZOOM meeting?

NO! You don’t need to download any apps. We will give you the website where you will take the course and the ZOOM link is on this website under the page SKILLS SESSION INFO PAGE. If you are using your phone for ZOOM, you may be led to download the app on your phone. You can delete it after the course if you like.


Yes! The course you are taking is the AHA BLS course and your card will come from the AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION. It is the same card you get for an in-person class, not an online course card.

Will this be accepted by my school or job? Is this an ONLINE COURSE?

Yes, this Should be accepted by any organization or business that requires you to have an AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION BASIC LIFE SUPPORT CERTIFICATION CARD. Many times you are told that your job or school doesn’t accept online courses. Please understand this is a blended learning course, not an ONLINE COURSE. This is considered an instructor-led blended learning course. Don’t say it is an online course because then it won’t be accepted. Your card is no different than the regular full in-person class card.


In this case please text or call the office at 412-401-3252 so we can check on your delivery. Sometimes things happen with the Post Office that are out of our control. With our new system we are able to make adjustments in the payment amount once the equipment is returned. 

I took part 1 thru the AHA, what course do i sign up for?

Since you already took the first part, then you need to take the SKILLS ONLY COURSE for $55.

Just sign up for the skills only course and go to the SKILLS SESSION INFO PAGE and take the ZOOM SKILLS SESSION with the instructor for your state.

If you need the equipment your tuition will be $115

I didn’t receive my card or my name is misspelled on my card.

If your name is misspelled DO NOT CLAIM YOUR CARD, but contact your instructor and it can be corrected. If you claim the card, there is a $10 fee for a replacement card.

If you didn’t receive your card, contact your instructor  and leave your information and phone number


You do need equipment to take the virtual skills portion of the class from your home or office. You do not have to rent equipment from Fragile Heart CPR. You can borrow equipment or order the CPR ANYTIME kit from the AHA for $38.50 + tax and S&H, either way you should receive the equipment in 2-3 days

If your question wasn’t answered on this page, please contact us at 412-401-3252 and we will assist you to the best of our ability.


There is a huge demand for virtual classes   We do not have a call center. You probably also won’t be able to leave messages because our voicemail is usually full every day. In this case, it’s best to reach out to your instructor individually, or text the company at 412-401-3252 or email us at [email protected] for general information.  We will make every attempt to answer you, but please give 24-48 hrs. for a response. Thank you for your patience.

Because of Covid-19 we are offering a virtual "in-person" class.

This is not an on-line class but rather a Zoom Class with a live instructor.

Once complete you will receive a Hands-on Certification.